Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jaime- What is actually global warming?
How can we remove the pollutants and bring the environment to the healthy state?
How can we encourage the society to prevent global warming?
What does NASA have to do with global warming?
Haven’t satellites actually observed cooling temperatures in the lower atmosphere?
Are the ozone hole and global warming related?

Yi Lin- Are the unusual or extreme weather events in my area caused by global warming?
Are there natural processes that will amplify or limit global warming?
Why is global warming a problem?
If we immediately stopped emitting greenhouse gases, would global warming stop?
What is the main cause of global warming?   
Are we humans causing global warming?
Which country causes the most pollution?

Teoh Yun- Do you think global warming will stop anytime soon?
If global warming doesn’t stop soon will there be another ice age?
Are scientists thinking of ways to stop global warming?
Does anyone know when our ozone layer will disappear?
How long has global warming been a threat?
Are there any other alternatives instead of burning coal?

Priyanka- What caused global warming?
How did global warming affect living things?
What are the consequences of global warming?
What are the pollutions which caused global warming?
What causes the pollutions?
What can we do to prevent global warming?